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Some Pics from our Winter 2019 Parish Magazine…

Bishop Eleanor’s Visit, June 2019

We welcomed Bishop Eleanor, Tim, Zachary and Joseph, to worship with us on Sunday 16th June.There was opportunity to chat with Bishop Ellie and her family over our favourite brunch of pancakes, bacon, bananas and maple syrup which followed the service. A huge “thank you” to Wendy for co-ordinating the catering team and for all who contributed to the celebration meal!

Bishop’s Medal for Peter: According to the look on my face it seems I was more surprised than Peter that he received a Bishop’s medal!! It just took me a few moments to work out what was going on…you had all kept it so very secret. You found out quite a bit of info about my Peter. To be honest he is all the wonderful things you say about him and it is true I wouldn’t be able to do this ministry without him. It’s a partnership, so thank you for honouring his contribution as his a role that often goes unsung. Thank you!! May.

Rest in Peace Father Ted

Reverend Edward (Ted) Dashfield, who died in April this year (2019) is remembered frequently, with deep respect, humour and great affection, especially at the Evensong service held each month at St Matthew’s Church in Masterton. A man of great faith, scholarship, energy and commitment to the church, and the community which he served unswervingly for over 65 years.

His ability to convey deep spiritual truths in a brief but powerful sermon, was legendary. This gift remained with him to the end of his long, active life, his last sermon being given the week he died. He had a whole year’s worth of services planned for the evensong programme and this small part of his significant legacy is being honoured in worship  each month.

Rev. Elizabeth Snowsill

Some photos from our Autumn 2019 Parish Magazine!

Combined Parish Services - January 2019

Country Christmas Services 2018

Ordination Service, Wellington Cathedral of St Paul, November 2018

From our Parish Magazine ‘Spring Edition’!

Fish ‘n’ Chips Family Fun, St Matthew’s Hall (First Friday of each Month)

Great Sunday Roast - St Matthew's Community Hall on 19th August, following Sunday Services

Combined Masterton & Surrounds Parishes Service with Bishop Justin 

Vestry Visioning at Castlepoint

Out and About the Parish... April to May

Some photos from our Autumn 2018 Parish Magazine - and more!

Kids Time at St Matthew's!

St Alban's, Taueru

Parish Brunch, February 2018

Christmas at St Andrew's

Rev. Ted Dashfield - Celebrating 65yrs of Ordination (November Evensong 2017)


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