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Kids Time at St Matthew's!

St Alban's, Taueru

Parish Brunch, February 2018

Christmas at St Andrew's

Rev. Ted Dashfield - Celebrating 65yrs of Ordination (November Evensong 2017)

Pictures from some of our Parish services...

Parish Team Day

In late June, the clergy, vestry and ministry team leaders met out at St Alban’s for a day to reflect and discern who is the parish amidst so many changes, most of which are fantastic!  The goal wasn’t to determine a bunch of goals or a written vision, but to get a group of new and old leadership together and “singing the same song” as the old saying goes.  


World Day of Prayer Service, Masterton March 2017

Ash Wednesday - Ecumenical Service at St Matthew's Church

Service to Welcome Rev. Michael Brantley as Priest-in-Charge, 19th February 2017

Some pictures from St Andrew's - Jesse Tree Christmas Carols and the Ice-cream Day

Displayed on Sunday 13 November at St Matthew's 8am and 10am services was this evocative painting by local artist Paul Gadsby.

Armistice Day (11 November) was remembered in churches everywhere, and Paul's symbolic picture, entitled 'Tea Please, No Sugar', showed various aspects of food rationing in New Zealand during wartime.

The story behind the painting is fascinating, being Paul's own memory as a young lad:

Tea Please, No Sugar!

'What could make a 9 year old boy go without sugar in his tea? When I was about 9 years old, I asked my grandmother for a cup of tea with sugar.

I remember her saying, "When I was your age I used to have sugar with my tea. I loved having sugar in my tea, but when World War I broke out, my teacher told my class that we needed to make a sacrifice for the war effort and from that day I never had sugar in my tea again." I thought that if my grandmother could do this, then so could I. From that day on, I stopped having sugar in my tea - something I still do to this day.

I now realise that this story created a unique historical link between my grandmother and me, when I emulated my grandmother's sacrifice for the war effort. Therefore a hundred years of sacrifice! "Tea please, no sugar."

Farewell Service and Lunch for Retiring Vicar, Rev. Stephen Kimberley - 28th August 2016


Evensong (Rev. Ted Dashfield's 90th Birthday) - August 2016

OAC (Outdoor Adventure Club) - Camps January 2016

Two camping adventures - the Juniors Camp and combined Intermediate/Seniors Camp - held in January 2016 at Mikimiki.

St Alban's Taueru - Celebrates 110 years!

A beautiful celebration, with Bishop Justin Duckworth taking the service and the Baptism of the newest member of our Parish.

Thank you to Dave Burton for the photographs.

Good News from St Andrew’s

During the Synod weekend it is always a challenge to fill the LLM slots around any parish as all working clergy are required to attend this annual gathering.

For those at St Francis’ Bideford – this year it is their service that requires someone to take it while the usual team are away. Fortunately at St Andrew’s in the Paddock we have several licensed to administer an Extended Eucharist so we are able to provide for our country cousins Claudia Field in the role of LLM.

Claudia has been attending St Andrew’s for over 10 years now, and as a little girl was a founder attendee at the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd programme. With the wonderful grounding that gives in foundational Christianity she in due course became a server and crucifer for her congregation until in February 2012 she, alongside Elizabeth Cohr became our first confirmation candidates.

She preached her first sermon as a 13 year old giving us a refreshing view of how the gospel relates to the young in this age.

Claudia has held a Vicar’s LLM license for Worship and Liturgy for several years now and takes regular responsibility for running services at St Andrew’s, training our new sanctuary servers and standing alongside Elizabeth as she has begun leading services too.

This is another big step for her, one that she has grown toward – we wish her many blessings and know that the congregation at St Francis will be encouraged by her presence on 20th September.  Rev Liz Greville.

Farewell to Katherine and Gareth (youth leaders) - lunch on 19th July 2015

A Special Thank You and Farewell…

Kat Sprowson and Gareth Palmer have faithfully led our Youth Ministry over the last three years through Raptorous Youth & Isora and also given us top service at St Matthew's in various other capacities, including technical knowhow and singing. 

Sadly for us, their careers and work beckon and they will be based in Wellington for the foreseeable future.


We were privileged at St Matthew's to host an exciting young organist on Wednesday May 13th, playing a fundraising recital to further his organ studies in the USA.

Although I am not qualified to critique classical organ playing, I feel that I am qualified to express an honest opinion.

Thomas Gaynor, 23 years old, from Wellington NZ, impressed mightily with his quiet confidence and prodigious memory! (Prodigious is derived from 'prodigy', so no surprises there!)

His programme was a masterpiece choicewise, because although initially it seemed that it may be a little heavy for all tastes, there was a good mix of colour and contrast which alternately delighted, soothed or pounded the senses.

Thomas was not afraid to fill the building with thrilling rumbles then in a moment have us savouring the sweet flutes as they fluttered around us.

Composers were J S Bach, Louis Vierne, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, W A Mozart and Franz Liszt and Thomas used sheet music for only two items, having committed eveything else to his incredible memory.

As he mentioned earlier in the day, “We have to memorize everything we perform at my organ school.”

Attendees love to see a recitalist's feet dancing on the pedalboard and St Matthew's Rodgers Organ, being on a moveable platform, can be situated at any angle to satisfy organist and audience.

We wish Thomas all the best in his chosen musical career, which will surely rise to great heights.

If you missed him this time around, make sure you catch him when he is next in New Zealand.

OAC April Adventures

Weather and Crowded Huts weren’t a Stopper!

April holidays saw 27 young people engage in our outdoor activities.  Five seniors, led by Steve Wilson, spent three nights on a full tramp to Cow Creek Hut via Blue Range, then through to Mitre Flat Hut the second night.  They then went over and through to Atiwhakatu Hut for a night before coming out at Holdsworth.  These young people are becoming pros and are starting to get their own gear and getting ready to tramp on their own.

The intermediate group of four did an overnight into Atiwhakatu Hut , joining with another family and sixteen uni students for a full house night.

Nia Wilson and helpers Lynley Brown and Gayle Reid took eighteen juniors for a two night ‘camp’ at Mike and Denise Arcus’ bach out at Castlepoint.  Bless them all for the courage to take such a large group.

Thank you for those who support this ministry in various ways with help, donations and leadership.  The wood cutting helps provide the couple of thousand dollars each year to make these tramps and camps free. A recent funding grant of $2000 from a Wellington Methodist Trust has meant we now have equipment to cover camping for 20 people and fully outfitting eight trampers.

While introducing these young people to the wonders and dangers of the outdoors, it also gives relatable parables to all things Christian and may be the only time some get to hear the Good News of Christ.

ANZAC Concerts at St Matthew's, April 2015

OAC Camping Adventures, January 2015

OAC held a five day four night Tent Camp at Reid’s Mikimiki Batch.

Nineteen young people (9-16yrs) participated with four adults in supervision (and the welcomed addition of Gareth for a day).  Five applications had to be turned down due to a supervision/participant ratio.

The senior members helped supervise the various four tent group teams,  five of them also participated in a tramp and overnight stay at Blue Range Hut.

Program included:

  • Managing Risks in Outdoor Activities
  • Living by the “Country Code”
  • First Aid   - Fire safety and starting a fire by flint
  • Map reading/GPS use
  • Seniors:  Cooking their own supplied meals on gas cookers
  • Various walks, games (+night),  swimming, rope knots and bridge building (bamboo)
  • Camp fire and camp court

The weather was exceptional throughout so there was lots of swimming (and sunburn).

Once again, it is great to see how young people can learn so much about themselves and gain social and personal life skills thought the various activities and new challenges they experience under the mantle of Christian values.

The firewood fundraiser has proved a great team builder and provides these camps free to many families who wouldn't be able to afford them.

More voluntary adult help on these camps/tramps would be welcome.

Christmas 2014 at St Andrew's in the Paddock

9 Lessons and Carols at St Matthew's Church

Bishop Justin Duckworth and Jenny - Visit Anglican Parish of Masterton, November 2014

St Andrew's in the Paddock - Country Christmas for the Hospice Fundraiser

November 2014

Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC) - October School Holidays

“Thank you mister for taking us up the mountain and seeing beyond.” A precious comment like this from a fatherless 11yr old boy makes it all worthwhile encouraging thirteen young children (8-12yrs) on a three hour hike up and down some foothills at the end of Mikimiki road.  For most, it’s a first time.  Sleeping in tents is a first time. We then talk about life and how the bible encourages us to see that the hills/mountains of trouble we might face in life are an opportunity to climb up and over to find the joy of overcoming them. My favourite line for these enquiring kids is: ‘Do you want to stay being a turkey in this world or do you want to get up and fly like an eagle and discover a completely different world of opportunities?’

Thank you Steve Wilson for taking eight aspiring youth trampers in uncertain weather for two nights based in Totara Flat Hut last month. For his wife Nia and young Serena Lynch (a Spirit Of Adventure recipient,) for supporting the vicar on the recent camping experience at Mikimiki. Well done the young people.

Also thanks to helpers Lynley Brown and Vicky Murdoch and Jeff and Gail Reid for the continued the use of their batch.  We welcome any other interested adult helpers in this growing ministry. Remember your firewood orders (due soon) help make this all possible.

Rev. Steve Kimberley


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