One Who Understands

None of us know what the future holds for us. Too many may descend into the darkness of mental illness, dementia and alzheimers as we age.  But the Lord’s hand will still be with us.

In his first introduction to a home for dementia patients, a man reached out to the nurse assigned him and stopped her.  He said he wanted to introduce her to his friend.  Since there was no one else around the nurse thought he was delusional.  But as it turned out he was speaking of Jesus.  She was deeply touched by the incident, and as the darkness of dementia closed in and the man was no longer lucid, she knew that the Lord was his best friend.  God dwells in the fathomless depth that is our soul.

 “The Lord searches all hearts and souls and understands all the intent of thoughts.”  1 Chron. 28:9