Lessons from the Hula Hoop

Let us not grow weary while doing good work.  (Gal.  6:9)

One of my childhood toys, the hula hoop, is making a bit of a comeback.  Recently I tried to show my expertise, but the hoop kept dropping to the floor.   Funny that!

But one child picked up the hoop and effortlessly moved it smoothly and rhythmically up and down their waist.  Their success depended on strategic movement and not vigorous motion like I had tried. 

In our spiritual lives we can expend all kinds of energy to try keeping up with others in our service to God.  But working to exhaustion or always feeling unsatisfied is neither a virtue nor God’s design.  Before feeding the 5,000 Jesus took the disciples away from the crowd to rest and pray showing us that He doesn’t need our frantic exertion to accomplish his work.  Quiet obedience accomplishes more than wild, short lived activity.