Puppy Love

A farmer put up a sale sign for some puppies.  A little boy came along and wanted to know how much it would cost for one.

“Well.” said the farmer, “these puppies come from fine parents  who  cost a lot of money." The boy’s head dropped and then he pulled out a pocketful of coins he had been saving. “I’ve got $22 is that enough to have a look.” the boy asked.  “Sure,” said the farmer and with that let out a whistle. Out of the dog box came the mother and three little balls of fur. The boys eyes widened with joy, and then he noticed another ball of fur slowly slide down out or the dog box and hobbled over the rest. “I want that one,” said the boy pointing at the runt.

“Son,” said the farmer as he knelt down by the boy’s side, “you don’t want that puppy. He’ll never run and play like the others.”

With that the boy rolled up one of his trouser legs to reveal a metal leg brace attached to a special shoe. “You see I don’t run too well myself and he’ll need some else who understands.”

With a tear in his eye the farmer reached over and gathered in the little pup.  Holding it carefully he handed it to the boy.  “How much?”

“No charge,” replied the farmer, “there’s no charge for love.”