An All-Knowing God

Here is one of my bad habits.  When someone tells me something they have discovered or experienced for the first time (and this especially happens with younger persons… a lot younger),  I often respond with an air of indifference.  Worse, sometimes I will respond with a similar experience that happened to myself.   A sort of one-upmanship  I guess…But for Leonie, when she hears someone sharing something new, her mouth drops open and her eyes widen.

It’s as if she had never heard this kind of thing before. “Wow, that’s great.” she’ll respond.  And the kids faces brighten and they really feel  her endorsement.  I used to think Leonie was just acting and sooner or later they would find out she knew those things already.

But I’ve come to realise that it isn’t an act at all.  While she may have already experienced what she is being told, she’s never experienced it through them.  Their personal  stories are entirely new.

It’s the same with our all knowing and sovereign God.  He still delights in hearing our stories of struggle and triumph.  He is so eager for us to come and share and pray with Him because He has never heard them quite the way we say them.  To Him we are all unique and He delights in our individual response.  Our lives, our experiences, and our faith expressed to Him are never old news.