How To Be Happy

The Word for Today gives a good illustration. A ragged street kid stood looking into a dairy shop window. A man came along and observing the scene, took the boy by the hand and lead him inside and said to the shopkeeper. “Fill a bag with every kind of sweet he wants.” The boy couldn’t believe his luck. As he filled his mouth with sugary delights, his benefactor asked, “Is that good?”

The boy nodded in the affirmative:  “Uh huh.”

Then the man asked if he could have some. Immediately the boy’s look of joy turned to fear, and clutching his bag of lollies, he ran shouting, “Mine, mine!”

Job, one of the richest men of his day, lost his health, his wealth and his family. Then amazingly God restored Job’s losses two fold when he began to pray for his friends.  How? By reaching out to others instead of dwelling on his own problems.

God bless us for one reason: to be a blessing to others. Helping others brings happiness, but selfishness never can.