The Vicar's Alarm Bell, Changing the Parliamentary Prayer

These certainly are Changing Times where the foundations of honour and respect and other ethical and moral standards, embedded in our cultural make up, are being challenged.  Now it seems we wander into the future on decisions decided by what feels good, or is popular at the time, dismissing centuries of wisdom born out of seeing history repeat itself time and again where high standards of respect etc. eventually succumbs to increased self-centeredness and immorality, and a decrease in true religion.

A country forged in Christianity with Public holidays (Easter and Christmas) written in the Law of the Land, celebrating the very essence of the Christian Faith is under attack again. We have lost the right for saying Christian prayer in schools lest we offend people of other religions.  Now the speaker of the House has offered two options for the opening daily prayer for each house sitting without any amendments. 

(To be voted on Friday 5th December sitting!)

1. Keep the original prayer (in English.)

2. A modified prayer in Maori and English acknowledging “God” but omitting at least one or two important phrases of several:-

“ ….. and of our country to the glory of Thy name, the maintenance of true religion.”

“ ….. through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Without Jesus, the Christ-ian faith is powerless and meaningless. But praise God and Holy Spirit we have an opportunity to pray and witness for our beloved saviour and Lord.  Amen.    

See the Church or Parish office notice board for more details.  You can have your say by emailing your local MP and any others