When Did I See You?

There is an old story of a knight’s aide who advised the mayor of a small village that their King was going to be making a visit to their humble little village.  With great fanfare the mayor made all the appropriate arrangements and on the day dressed in his finery and waited in joyful anticipation.

The hours slowly ticked away but no one ventured into the village.  No one, that is, except a lonely lame beggar who asked the mayor for a drink to quench his thirst.

Irritatingly he brushed him aside.  He had no time for the likes of him, for he was waiting for the King.

Yet, at the end of the day the mayor stood alone; the King had never arrived.  Furiously he wrote to the King’s aide asking what had gone wrong, only to be told that the King had indeed passed through his village that day.

The aide added, “He was travelling incognito for safety, disguised as a lonely lame beggar.”