Stop Following Your Shadow

There was a man who lived in the desert. He would wake up every morning and follow his shadow. As the sun moved across the sky from east to west the man essentially walked in a large elongated circle, ending up where he had started from.

This continued for years. Each day he would follow his shadow and walk in circles day after day.

One night the man heard the voice of God in his dream, telling him to stop following his shadow but instead, follow the sun. “Then,” said God, “you will experience life as you have never dreamed it could be.”

The man thought many days about this conversation with God while he continued to follow his shadow and continued to walk around in circles.

But one day he determined to break away from his shadow, and little by little he began to follow the sun instead.

And he discovered kingdoms he had never seen before, way beyond his wildest dreams and imagination. In the end he discovered the true Son and they became friends.

“For whoever wants to save his own life will loose it, but whoever loses his life for Jesus will be saved. (Mk. 8:35)