Looking for Jesus

The Bible tells a story of some Greeks coming to worship in a Jewish Passover Festival. That they should come to a Jewish festival is interesting in itself, but to then ask one of Jesus’ disciples, “Where can we find Jesus?” was a real wild card.

Today, where would we direct someone to see Jesus?

The disciple Philip went to Andrew and in turn they both went to Jesus and told Him of the Greeks’ enquiry.

People are still asking, still seeking Jesus, still enquiring of the creator with the eternal question of life.

What would you say?  See the vicar, go to church, read the bible……

The greatest answer we can give is found in ourselves.

The great loss in the Church today is often that people don’t see Jesus in the lives of those who go to Church.

They don’t see people, especially men, following Jesus on the bold, daring, reckless adventure of bringing grace to the world. 

They have given up hearing us talk about Jesus......they want to see Jesus in us.  Too often our attitudes and actions are no different from the world.  Jesus’ reply to the Greeks’ enquiry… “and if I am lifted up ...I will draw all men to myself.” 

Jesus wants us to promote Him by our living actions. By this we lift up Jesus and He will do the  drawing.  That’s how it works.