Working with the Burden Bearing Christ

A young boy was out helping his father with clearing the back yard.  He had asked him to pick up all the rocks in the yard and begin making a stone wall for the chook house.  Dad looked over and saw him struggling to pull up a huge rock buried in the dirt.

The little boy struggled and struggled while Dad watched.  Finally, the boy gave up and said, "I can't do it."

His Dad asked, "Did you use all of your strength?"

The little boy looked hurt and said, "Yes, sir. I used every ounce of strength I have."

The father smiled and said, "No you didn't. You didn't ask me to help." ….and he walked over and then, together, the two of them pulled that big old rock out of the dirt.

Traditions tell us that Jesus was a master yoke maker.  He knew how to craft a two beast yoke to fit perfectly to make easy the sharing of a burden.  Matthew’s gospel records that Jesus invites all of us to work with Him and not do anything alone.