A Lesson in Worry

In my Youth group leading days, I would get them to hold at arms length a large glass of water.  After a while they would begin to complain.  The longer they held it up, the heavier it got until it became unbearable and they had to put it down.  Worry, I said, is like holding up a glass of water.  The longer we worry about something the more fears we will add to it, till it weighs us down.

King David knew about growing fear when his son Absalom began to steal the allegiance of the nation of Israel from him and then threatened to take over the throne.  David began to doubt who was loyal to him.  He wrote a Psalm at this time and said “I cried out to the lord with my voice, and he heard me from His holy hill.”  In the midst of his growing fear he looked to the Lord.  In time, God restored David to the throne.

We will face plenty of worries that will weigh us down.  But as we release them into God’s strong arms, He will help us through the trials.  Worry is a burden that God never meant for us to bear.  He tells us to take up our yoke and learn from Him.