Acknowledging Our Humanity

When Jesus hung on the cross for the sake of all humanity, he too had to acknowledge his own Humanity.  With the combined torment of dislocating joints, loss of body fluids and the heat of the day he cried out “I am thirsty.”  Only then, with the relief of a swab of vinegar, could he utter the history changing statement “It is finished.”

When we are in a dark place or stressed to the max, like Jesus, we need to voice our needs to those around us.  That’s why Paul writes; “Bear with one another’s burdens and fulfil the law of Christ.”

Alex Haley, author of “Roots”, has a picture in his office showing a turtle on top of a fence post. “If you see a turtle on a fence post,” he says, “you know he had to have had some help.”

Any time we start thinking – “Wow, isn’t it amazing what I have done!” we need to remember this picture and remind ourselves how the turtle – “Me!” – got on the post.