The Parable of the Sting

I can still see “Jack’s” shocked face as he saw a “gang” of wasps swirl up around him and chase him down the paddock stinging him repeatedly through his work overalls.

I used to help my father in law with his Saturday job for a widow, and her adopted helper “Jack”, doing odd jobs to keep the farm running.  We were clearing out an old fence and came across a wasp nest under a dead tree that had fallen across the fence.  A bit of a trickster, my father in law got “Jack” to get the tractor and pull the tree away, fully knowing it would disturb the nest.  

Dear old Jack was a bee keeper so “we” thought he’d be okay. 

On the first attempt the chain came undone. Going back to tie up the chain again, the wasps attacked.

Hiding behind another tree we copped a few stings ourselves as we laughed at Jack hi-tailing down the paddock as fast has his feet would carry him.  Unfortunately “Jack” had an allergic reaction and we ended up having to take him to the doctors.

That’s a picture of what is true in our interpersonal relationships.  We can hurt others when our actions are not “Christ like”.  Even after an apology, the “sting” sticks.  We forget sometimes that people struggling with faith, or life, or both, watch Christians with expectation, to see more compassion and less judgement, more mercy and less anger.  May our actions and reactions point those around us to our loving heavenly Father?