Life Giving Rain

In our life for Christ we accomplish nothing without the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit.

Over the decades man has tried to make rain over drought areas.

As early as 1891 an American known as the “concussionist” tried to blast rain from the sky, detonating huge balloons filled with explosive gas, firing cannons and exploding piles of dynamite all at the same time, shaking both earth and sky.  Some believed he made a little rain, but most said he just caused a lot of noise.

The explosive power was impressive but ineffective.

When the merging church needed effective leadership they sought people with a different kind of power.  They chose people of good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and power.  They proved effective giving in a right balance of faith, wisdom and power.

God’s Spirit in our lives today replaces the loud noise of self-interest with His gentle, life giving water.