We Are More Than A Number

Our lives are filled by numbers. We are even identified by numbers. Our phone, street, tax, pin, bank and drivers licence numbers help identify us to the Government and others.  Even when we retire we are given a social security number.  In fact it’s easy sometimes to wonder if anyone knows us at all without a number.  Like... “What’s your Phone Number?”...

The Bible reminds us that God knows us by our name!  The book of Revelations tells us that a Christian has their name written in the Book of Life.  That He knows us intimately, in fact better than we know ourselves.

The Good Shepherd image drawn from the Middle East, describes Jesus calling His own by their name.My sheep hear My voice and I know them, and they follow Me and I give them eternal life.”

Be reminded that you are not just a number and God is calling you by name so He can show you your full potential in this life and the next.