An Application to "The Way Church" Palestine

“I would like to submit my reference.  I am generally considered to be a good preacher and do some writing on the side.  I am over fifty years of age, and while my health is not the best, I still manage to get enough work done.  I am somewhat handicapped and have never served in any place more than three years.  The churches where I have preached have generally been pretty small, even though located in large cities.  Some places I had to leave because my ministry caused riots and disturbances.  Four times I have gone to jail for expressing my thoughts and you need to know that some men follow me around undermining my work.  But I feel sure I can bring vitality to your church.”  Signed: Paul.

The nomination committee was dismayed that anyone would think that their church could use such a man.  A trouble-making, absent-minded, ex-jailbird could not possibly be effective, let alone accepted by the community. 

"What was his name?" they asked. “I do not know,” the chairman replied, “the letter is simply signed, 'Paul'.”