Seeing Life Through Different Coloured Glasses

Two people may witness the same event, but step away with very different experiences. What breaks one person, can build the other.

A king once had a prized jewel, the crown jewel in his magnificent crown. One morning the king awoke, and much to his dismay, found there was a single thin crack descending down its face.  The greatest jewellers were called to look at the stone in the hopes of fixing it, but nothing could be done.  Finally, one jeweller, a simple man from a distant village, stepped forward claiming he could save the diamond.  The king laughed.  Seeing, though, that there was nothing to lose, the king told the jeweller that he could spend a single night with the diamond.  If he fixed it,  he would get a great reward. If he did not succeed, a bitter lot awaited him.  The next morning, the jeweller produced the gemstone.  The scratch had not been removed; it remained in its place.  The jeweller had instead etched a rose, the symbol of the kingdom, on the face of the diamond, turning the crack into its stem.  “Now, I truly have my crown jewel! The diamond was magnificent, but really just another stone. Now however, I have a truly unique treasure!”