Two Stags

Some years ago, tramping in the hills, I came upon agroup of trampers watching two stags battling it out, quite oblivious of us watching just some 100 metres away.  One of the observers chuckled that a hind they were jostling for had left the scene some 20 minutes before.  I gathered, the conflict at this point was not about the female hind but about being the toughest stag.

Most fights aren’t about policy and principle, or about right and wrong; they’re almost always about pride.

The wise man of Proverbs swings his axe at the root of the problem when he writes: “Pride leads to conflict” (13:10 ). 

Quarrels are fueled by pride, by needing to be right, by wanting our way, or by defending our turf or our egos.

On the other side, wisdom resides with the well-advised—those who listen and learn, those who allow themselves to be instructed—those who set aside their own selfish ambitions.  They acknowledge the limits of their own understanding; listening to the other person’s point of view; allowing their own ideas to be corrected.  This is the wisdom from God that spreads peace wherever it goes.   Humility brings wisdom.