Of Geese and Difficult People

I admire the beauty of geese. I admire the way they move in straight lines as they follow each other in the water and in majestic V-formations in the air.  It is also a joy to watch them raise their young in large family groups with it seems, designated watchmen and defenders.

But there is another side…..the less beautiful truths about my feathered friends.  You see, geese love to eat grass, and they don’t care if it ruins the look of a lawn.  Worse, what they leave behind, makes a stroll across the adjourning path a messy adventure.

I think of these geese when I am dealing with difficult people.

Sometimes I wish I could simply shoo them out of my life.

It’s then that God usually reminds me that there is beauty in even the most difficult person if I chose to get close enough to discover it, and the pain they are giving out may be reflective of the pain they are feeling.  So I ask God for help.  And am reminded of Paul’s words in Romans. “Don’t hit back; discover the beauty in everyone. If you’ve got it in you , get along with everybody.”