Love Your Pastor

Sorry but I found this quite true, funny and helpful.  It comes from one of the daily readings in the “Word for Today”.

Pastors have a tough job:  They get more kicks than kisses.

A young pastor lacks experience; if he’s grey-haired he’s too old.

If he has six kids, he has too many; if he has none, he’d setting a bad example.

If his wife sings in the choir and runs the ladies groups, she is being forward; if she is not, she’s setting a bad example.

If the pastor preaches from notes he’s dry; if he’s more ad hoc he’s too shallow.

If he spends too much time in his study he’s neglecting his people, if he is always visiting he is not a good time manger.

If he suggests improvements he’s a dictator; if he doesn’t he has no vision.

If he speaks against wrong he is legalistic; if he doesn’t he’s a compromiser.

If he preaches for an hour he is being windy; less than that, he has nothing to say.

If he preaches the truth he’s offensive; if he doesn’t he’s wish washy.

If he fails to please everybody he’s hurting the church; if he tries to please everybody he has no convictions.

If he preaches tithing he’s a money grabber; if not he’s failing to develop his people.

If he receives a salary he’s a mercenary; if he doesn’t he’s not worth much.

Wow that’s just some of pastor’s conundrums and you thought your vicar had an easy life.