What is the Ultimate Truth to be Found in Life?

I remember reading a story about two men travelling on a train together.  They were talking about various things and then discovered that both of them had recently been in India. 

One of the men said he had hunted tigers for the Indian government, and as he told his story the other man said, "That’s interesting, because when I was in India for several years, I never even saw a tiger." Then he added, "I was a missionary spreading the Gospel of Christ."

His companion responded, "That is strange, while I was in India, I never met a Christian."

Each found what they were looking for.

The biblical character Simeon, a righteous and devout man, was blessed to find the one, true and living God.  He spent a life time waiting and seeking and found Him in the baby Jesus.
I sort of think God is more interested in being found than we are in finding Him.