Calming the Storm Within

The story is told of Bishop Warren Chandler, namesake of a well know theological College in the States.  As he lay on his death bed, a friend enquired as to whether or not he was afraid.  “Please tell me frankly,” he said, “do you fear crossing over the river of life and death?”.

“Why?” replied Chandler, “I belong to the Father who owns the land on both sides of the river of life and death.”

In life, in death, and life beyond death, God is always with us.  That is our great salvation hope.

His word reminds us that he cares for us in every situation.  If we are immobilised by any fear, he cares, because that fear is intruding upon His destiny for us.

Perfect love casts out fear.

Jesus doesn’t promise to calm every storm in our lives, but he does promise to calm us, in every storm of life.