Good Instruction

Peter was much loved as a child, but also spoilt as a child and usually sulked to get his way. Tim was much loved by his family too, but they were a disciplined family and he had set chores to do each day.

In the same class at school I coached them both in the school rugby team.  I will never forget hearing the parents’ instructions before the first game.

Peter’s mother cautioned him not to get hurt and remember he was her only boy.  Tim’s mother on the other hand said, “Now you remember what your coach trained you to do.” Peter was naturally talented, could run well, but never ever really got into the game.  After breaking his arm, in the very last game of the year, he never played again.

Tim on the other hand, was a gangly awkward kid, often making mistakes, but seemed to relish the rough and tumble of the game and won the end of year “Most Improved Player” award.

I lost track of Peter when he hit the twenties and by then he was in a lot of trouble.  Tim never became an All Black, but is happily married with family and is a very successful businessman.

Prov. 22 reminds us to; “Teach your children to choose the right path and when they are older they will remain on it.”.