Pleasing God

It is so easy to go about life thinking we have to please God.

Most religions are based on appeasing god(s) …to find favour.  God, in his completeness of fellowship, created us for his pleasure.  Going to church, reading the bible, sharing our faith….doing all this “spiritual stuff” out of duty. 

God’s desire for us is to just be.  Washing the dishes, keeping the accounts, reading a story to your grandchildren or going to work with God in your heart and an attitude of gratitude is way more important for our creator.

Like a proud parent God delights in the ordinary things of life. Psa. 37:23b There are no unspiritual activities or abilities, just misused ones.  Eric Liddle (Chariot’s of Fire) said, “I believe God made me for a purpose, and one was to run fast. When I did, I could feel his pleasure.”  

When we start our day, remember it was made by God for His good pleasure, and for us to simply be!