Dreaming of a perfect “Church” a minister wrote: The worship is perfect, the problems non-existent, the people vibrant. Barry Tone is the superb director of music, ably assisted by Benny Dicktus and a super band; the Magnifi-cats. Neal Down runs the pastoral care team, Percy Vere coordinates the outreach, and tightly controlling the disciple training is Ben Dover. Sally Forth maintains the missionary interests, Benny Factor handles the treasurers role, while Dina Mite is the associate priest and Sue Preem  the Children and Youth coordinator. Dick Tate is the no-nonsense chairman of the vestry.

However the Minister recognised the true reality of “Church” is very different, often nightmarish but more true to life concluding that Mark Time, Peter Out, Molly Codell and Di Vulge-Gossip where the real team players that did the Job.