Enjoying His Meal

It’s not necessarily about the table, whether it is square or round. It’s not about the chairs being plastic or wooden.  It’s not even about the food although cooked with love helps.

A good meal can be on a blanket at the beach or huddled around a wood stove in a trampers hut.  A good meal is when we turn off the TV or shut down the cell phones and computer.

I love gathering to eat with others and enjoy a chat with friends and family about a multitude of topics and listening to others across the table.

Jesus left an invitation to a special meal for his friends.

It’s not about church, if it is big or small.  It’s not about the bread type or place. It’s about turning off our thoughts from our worries and concerns and focusing on Jesus.

When’s the last time we enjoyed being at the Lord’s table?

Do we enjoy His presence or are we concerned with what is going on around us or somewhere else?