Missing Opportunity

A story is told of a group of animals in the jungle who decided to have a rugby match. The problem was that no one could tackle the rhinoceros.  Once he got a head of steam, he was unstoppable.  When he received the opening kick-off, he rambled for a touchdown.  The score was seven to nothing immediately. 

With some clever thinking the opposition made sure they never kicked the ball to the rhinoceros again and with three minutes to go were leading by four points with just a kick off to go.   The lion then reminded the zebra on the kick-off not to kick it to the rhinoceros.  But the zebra ignored the warning.  The rhino caught the ball and there he was racing for the touchdown.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, he was brought down with a vicious tackle.  When the animals un-piled, it was discovered that a centipede had made the tackle.

"That was fantastic!" congratulated the lion. "But where were you on the opening kick-off?" The centipede replied, "I was still putting on my shoes."  It pays to be ready when God calls.