Look Up!

I love starting the day with an early morning walk to, and around, Henley Lake and back.  With few others out so early, I find it easy to pray… to talk to my God aloud.

Along one section on the back trail, overlooking Henley Lake itself, there’s a panoramic view of the Tararuas with all the peaks that I know well, having tramped over them.

It does my soul so good.   The dogs love it and I love it….. Whatever the season, rain, shine or hail…… the colours and moods are always different, so the walks are always enjoyable.

One time I found myself walking with my head down and missing the wonder around me.  I was worrying about some things and as a result could only see the bland lime stone path in front of me.

But suddenly I found myself shout out aloud, “Steve, Look up!”  Why?....In Psalms 121 one of the Songs of Ascent sung by the people of Israel, as they pilgrimed to Jerusalem, begins; “I lift up my eyes to the hills.  From whence does my help come from?” The answer then follows; “My help comes from the lord who made heaven and earth.”

When we stop and look up!..... we realise our help comes not from wonders of the hills and things of this world, but from the Creator of them.  When we look to our Creator, all our problems and needs are put in their right perspective.