Having the Right Attitude

It’s important to have all the facts before we make a judgement. 

In a ‘good news, bad news’ story, a man was telling a friend, “Ten months ago I won a million dollars in a contest." The friend replies, "That's good." "No, I spent it on a skiing trip to Switzerland and broke a leg."  "That's bad."  "No, while I was in the hospital I fell in love with an attractive nurse and married her."  "That's good."   "No, it turned out that she didn't like the New Zealand and insisted that we had to live in Europe."  "That's bad."   "No, we set up a home in Paris and started up an export firm."  "That's good."   "No, we went bankrupt and we were soon reduced to poverty." "That's bad."   "No, under those difficult circumstances I examined my goals and values and discovered that I was living for the wrong reasons." "That's good."

The dialogue goes on but what we discover is that the good and the bad grow side by side.  Our judgement at a certain moment often does not take into consideration all the facts.