Miracle Material

Scientists have recently discovered a derivative of graphite they call a “miracle material” that could revolutionise our future.

Only one atom thick, graphene is being hailed as a truly two-dimensional material in a 3D world.

One hundred times stronger than steel, it is harder than diamond, conducts electricity 1,000 times better than copper, and is more flexible than rubber.  We have an amazing Creator.

“To whom will you compare me? Or who is my equal?” asks God.

Such technological advances are neither moral nor evil.  Yet it seems every new discovery or invention gets used for good and bad.  So we are wise to remember, ourselves, the limitations of anything available to us.

Isaiah spoke to a generation who found themselves making idols, with their own hands, to help, comfort and use for their protection and well being.

But nothing we create ourselves can meet the needs of our heart.  Only God, who has been carrying us from the “womb”, can carry us into the future.