A Song in the Heart

Even in the dark times, every Christian should have a song in their heart.  In Ephesians 5:19 the apostle Paul speaks of "singing and making melody" in our hearts to the Lord at all times.

A Minister tells of visiting a friend's house and hearing the music of a bird singing.  It was not the ordinary sound of chirping; instead it resembled the strains of a lovely melody.  At first he didn't know where it was coming from; but when he glanced around the room, he saw a beautiful bullfinch in a birdcage.  The lady of the house explained that it had been taught to sing that way at night.  The teacher would repeat the notes time and again until the bird was able to mimic them.  But this was possible only because it was dark and the bird's attention would not be diverted.

In God, it is possible to learn our sweetest songs when the blackness of trial closes in around us.