A Light in the Darkness

I remember exploring a cave as a kid with three friends.  Using only candles, we followed a string left by some previous adventurers. It was true!  It had lots of weta on the ceilings, (scary stuff) but we eventually got used to them. Then someone suggested we extinguish our candles and get to feel total darkness even knowing there was still the presence of weta.

Within a few moments we were enveloped by the blackest kind of night imaginable. I still shudder when I think about the incident and still do as an adult whenever I go inside a cave.  It helps remind me of the power of light and how terrible it would be to be lost for ever in a deep subterranean cavern.

The New Testament uses the concept of darkness to describe the spiritual condition of humanity.  Millions are hopelessly lost, groping their way through life.  Thank God for technological advances. But there is one inescapable fact.  The human family is still in the dark…. lost in the cave of their own sin and rebellion.  It should demand our effort to rescue.  Easter is our story of hope for them.