What To Do When the Heat's Turned Up!

Hell Week and is part of the USA Navy’s Basic Underwater Demolition School where sailors are turned into SEALs—Sea-Air-Land commandos. By undergoing a gruelling regimen of five sleepless days and nights, sensory overload, and physical testing, these men are transformed into some of the toughest human beings in the world.  The chance to disenrollment awaits each student.  All he has to do is ring a certain bell three times and say, “I quit.”

Only in terms of the ugliness of war can punishment like this make any sense.  During times of peace, the navy is giving them the best chance to be ready to face the cruelty of real war if it comes.

The Apostle James reminds his suffering brothers and sisters that they should not be surprised when they experience intense periods of testing.  He knows that they will face a spiritual conflict that will require a toughness learned only through proper instruction and monitored experience in the good times.

Read James 1:2ff where he calls God’s training regimen “various [kinds of] trials. ” He outlines for his readers, and for us, five strategies to employ when times of testing invade.