Failing Families

Tom told his friend Alex, “I am going to divorce my wife.”

Alex asked, “Why? Whose fault is it?”

Tom said, “50% of the fault is my wife’s.”

“Then whose is the other 50%?”  Alex asked.

Tom replied, “That is her mother’s!”

Students in a bible were asked to list the seven Sacraments as part of a test. One student spelt matrimony as ‘MATRIMONEY’. Asked why he made this mistake. He replied, “It is not a mistake. That is the way it should be written, because many people consider ‘MONEY’ to be the most important component of married life. 

Adam and Eve, the first “family”, was created by God in the image of heaven.  It is God’s wish that every family should remain as a heaven of happiness.  This will only happen when each partner confers distinctive value upon the other….deciding that their mates opinions, concerns and expectations are a little more valuable than your own.  The highest level of love and maturity is when both husband and wife prefer the other’s feeling and needs above their own. (Matt. 19: 4 – 6)