Some scientists set traps to capture a rare species of monkey to bring them back unharmed to study them in captivity.  But the traditional method failed to capture any so they devised a special but simple trap….. several fixed jars with a narrow neck into which they placed a few nuts.

Smelling the food the monkeys gathered and fought to get the few nuts. Reaching in to get the prized find, they discovered they couldn’t withdraw their hands and still hold onto a nut. Unwilling to let go, they were unable to escape.

Sometimes we’re like these monkeys when it comes to forgiveness. We hold on to our past hurts believing we deserve to never forgive or forget. “I will never forget as long as I live.”

Holding on to unforgiveness brings resentment and then we become the victim.  To forgive is to set not only the other person free (for God is their judge,) but also ourselves.