A Dependable Guide

A test pilot, flying a fighter jet in bad weather, was about to make his instrument approach to an airport.  The air traffic controller called and asked how much fuel he had. "Plenty", he said.

"Well," the controller said, "we've got a little problem. There's a young pilot who is not instrument rated and he’s lost in the clouds, and we were wondering if you could intercept him and lead him back to the airport?" "Sure", the pilot responded.

He found the lost plane, pulled up beside, and called on the radio telling the pilot to look out to his left.  Seeing the jet fighter, the pilot of this small plane burst into tears.  As far as he was concerned at that point, his life was about over as he was nearly out of fuel. "Don't worry," the test pilot said. "Everything's going to be OK. I'm going to guide you to the airport…follow me.”

The grateful pilot followed the jet-fighter till they finally broke through the clouds at 500 feet.  The frightened pilot saw the most beautiful sight.  There in front of him was the runway, and he was perfectly set up to land.

There are times when we need a guide, a counsellor, an advocate... the Holy Spirit, when we are engaged in tasks that are beyond our abilities.