The Apple Seed

Next time you cut up an apple, cut it across the middle and count the number of seeds inside. Did you know that every apple you cut will have the same number of seeds? But here’s something else to consider……We can count the apple seeds in an apple … but only God can count the apples in a seed!

So one apple has just five seeds and each seed can potentially create a tree.

Each mature tree can produce around six hundred apples each year!  Imagine, just imagine, if you take the 600 apples from each of the five trees you grew, from just one apple, and removed and planted the five seeds of each apple harvested, and did that each year.  Before you are finished you have the potential to turn the earth into one great orchard!

Get the picture?...When God created each one of us, he planned our future even before we were born. Each one of us has a designed purpose waiting to be discovered. Our past, our personal achievements or failures are nothing compared with realising our potential in God’s call on our lives….. to make this world a better place.