We All Want Truth

Truth. We all want truth. The search for truth is deep within the human spirit. The opposite is also true. We human beings don’t want to be deceived. We don’t want to be deceived by lies, distortions, and half-truths.  We want to find out the truth about everything.  But a sign of sickness in us is that we try to avoid the truth or distort the truth or manipulate the truth.

The recent “Dunedin Studies” is searching for answers about how conception and early childhood might set our future personality and character. We want to find out the truth about the origins of our universe and the destiny of our universe. Why are human beings such warring animals?

Why were there so many kamikaze pilots in World War II... and so many terrorists willing to be human bombs now?

There is so much about human beings which perplexes us.

One man, one Son of the Almighty God said I am the Truth…. Trust in Me and I will give you the meaning of life.