From Despair to Dancing

It’s 1970, and 10am on a Wednesday morning, and the NZ Company Director arrives from Auckland. The previous month, he had installed me as the Wellington RegionalManager, replacing the previous manger who suddenly became sick with cancer and had to return to Australia. As a site supervisor, the new position and remuneration was exciting and looked rewarding. But now the bombshell…. Sorry but your job is gone and I want you out by midday. Why? Because they had just used me to fill in while they found another manager from the Australian parent company.

Funny thing was, a week later I got a new job grinding fibreglass products as a labourer. Four years later I became manager of that company… but more importantly had also become a Christian.

Though we live in a fallen world where we experience rejection, pain and disappointments, the Lord can move us from despair to rejoicing… give us hope when we feel hopeless, help us to forgive when we think we can’t. He teaches us that our identity is in Him and not in what we do or achieve in our own strength.

When we wear rags of “Ashes”, God gently gives us a coat of “Praise.”

He alone gives us courage to face an unknown future.