A Fist and A Kiss

Once strolling through the Henderson Town Centre,  I watched as a man carrying a large cardboard box bump into another pedestrian. Losing his grip on the box it fell to the ground and spilt out itscontents. After an angry exchange of shouted insults, the man moved toward the other pedestrian with a clenched fist, when a sleeve tattooed little Asian man, slipped from the crowd, took the raised fist in his hand and kissed it.

A murmur of approval ran through the gathered watchers, the antagonists relaxed, then the people began picking up the contents for him and the little man drifted away.

I have remembered that as a caring act, an act by a man who might have been a Muslim, an atheist or a Christian.

“My only regret was that I wasn't enough of a Christian to have thought of kissing the fist myself."